Spiritualist Art

What is Spiritual Art ?

Spiritual Art or Spiritualist Art can be interpreted in various ways. It is linking with someone in spirit and producing what you are influenced to draw on paper.

This does not have to be in the form of a portrait, but can be drawn in the way of memories such as flowers, animals, buildings, words or phrases, clothes, places, dates, vehicles etc. They can all represent special memories of a loved one or family connections.

Some notable artists like Mondrian, Kandinsky, Malevich and Kupka used a connection to the spirit realm to guide their work, and produced art that heavily influenced the genre. 

Famous mediums like Coral Polge, were able to produce detailed drawings or paintings of loved ones or spirit guides who connected to her from the spirit realm. She was a regular visitor to LSC for about 20 years, starting in the 1960’s, and we have a number of her drawings at the church.

Spiritual Art at LSC

A selection of spiritual art drawings all done at a Spiritual Art workshop at Lewsiham Spiritualist Church

Portraits may also be drawn, either using pencils, charcoal or pastels.

If someone is not very artistic, then the outlines of the face may show distinctive characteristics relating to someone, such as a scar, disjointed nose, dimples, bushy eyebrows, hairstyle, clothing etc.

Spiritual Art Workshops
At a Spiritual Art workshop the students will have a short meditation to link with spirit, and then create a design on paper using colours. They will then be paired with a partner to interpret what has been drawn and why it is appropriate to that person.

The students are then be taught how to draw facial proportions to enable a good likeness in readiness of their next exercise, where they will be partnered and draw a loved one in spirit.

These courses encourage students to be very creative in a positive way, linking with spirit in an artistic form.

We will be holding regular workshops in our new building.

Coral Polge (1924-2001)

A remarkable Medium, artist and author, who was a regular visitor at LSC