Coral Polge

Coral Polge was one of the most renowned Spritualist artists in the world.

The photographic likeness of her drawings, the details she gave in her sessions, her quality as a Medium and depth as a spiritual teacher were legendary.


Hidden Talents

Born in 1924, Coral first learned of her talent shortly after World War Two, when she met with a psychic medium who told her that she would become a famous psychic artist. Within a few years, she began to accurately draw deceased loved ones and friends. She explained how her gift worked:

“I don’t actually see the person I am drawing, I am rather drawing what I feel than what I see. Its something about the personality I am drawing that comes over me and it is developing as I am drawing. 

Sometimes I get so many links that I start mixing the influences and get wrong results. I cannot concentrate on a specific person, I am drawing whichever spirit of whatever person links with me.”

Spirit guides drawn by Coral Polge at LSC


The Star Attraction

During the 1970’s and 1980’s there was a surge in interest in Spiritualism..
Coral often worked with a Medium called Gordon Higginson, and held demonstrations of Mediumship and Spirit Art at large venues,

Coral also worked “the circuit” of the hundreds of Spiritualist churches in the South East of England, and was a regular visitor at our church from the 1960’s for about 20 years,

The accuracy and detail of Coral’s work were her trademark, and in her 54 years as a Spirit Artist, she drew ten’s of thousand of images for relatives. But it wasn’t always easy to channel her talent:

“Everything, my surrounding, my state of balance, even the weather can affect it. So sometimes my work can be quite brilliant, other days it just doesn’t work and I start wondering if I lost the gift.

As a Medium you are always a channel and not always the most perfect channel.

But there a days when you connect so clearly that you surprise yourself.

A Path Chosen For Me

“We are purely telephone lines, nothing more,” Coral explained.  “As long as there is somebody’s picture waiting to be drawn, I will continue to be used as a channel for such communication between this world and the next.

This was the path mapped out for me. It is a path I tread with love, and a great sense of privilege that I was chosen to do so.” . Coral passed to spirit in 2001.

In 1984  she published The Living Image (with Kay Hunter), followed by Living Images in 1991 (also with Kay Hunter). 

Both are still available to buy , and a wonderful read,

The images she drew at LSC, will be proudly displayed in our new church building, to mark the life of a remarkable Medium ,artist and author.