Lewisham Spiritualist Church

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We extend a warm welcome to all that visit our independent Spiritualist church,  which has been operating in South East London, since the 1880’s

Whether it’s for a Spiritualist service or healing, you will find a friendly atmosphere, where you can relax and absorb the overwhelming positive energy. 

Currently the church is closed to the public, as we prepare for the construction of a beautiful new building, which will serve the Spiritualist community for many years to come.

We now run a weekly Online Divine Service. 

A front elevation of the new Spiritualist church.

About Us

We are a busy and popular independent Spiritualist church, based in Lewisham, South East London since the 1880’s.

We specialise in the teaching and training new of Mediums and Healers:

The church operates as a charity, and is currently in the process of registering with the Charity Commission 

If you are able to, please also consider making a donation to support our work.

Love and light,
The Trustees and Committee .

Frequently Asked Questions

There is an increasing interest in spiritual healing and mediumship, both on television and other media. 

We are an independent Spiritualist church operating in South East London.

Currently the church is closed to the public, as we prepare for the exciting construction of a brand new facility. Many of the services we provide,  will switch temporarily to an online format,

To help you, we’ve compiled some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive…

A Spiritualist Medium links with loved ones who have passed to the spirit realms, and gives evidence of survival through messages to the relatives or friends.

A Spiritualist healer connects with spirit guides and transfers their energies from the healer through to the client.

To become a Medium, the student is required to attend regular development classes (Open Circle) over a period of time, before being invited into a advanced development class (Closed Circle).

This is where the student may also train as a Spiritualist Healer. It will take at least 2 years to complete the training.

We are currently offering two options for those wishing to begin their spiritual journey.

Our next Beginners Circle starts in March 2024, contact lschurchmedia5@gmail for details

We also run a weekly Development Circle for those students who have a little experience, but would benefit from regular ongoing development. Contact; lschurchmedia5@gmail.com

Spiritual Healing is best defined as a form of healing using the forces and energies of the world of Spirit, channelled through a trained healer

Currently unavailable.

Open Circle is a class where the first stages of spiritual development take place on a weekly basis.

When a student has shown greater understanding and ability, they may then be invited to join the “Closed Circle” to train as a spiritual medium or healer on a more concentrated level.

Currently unavailable.

A group reading consists of up to 8 people in a room with a qualified medium, to receive approximately a 10 minute spiritual reading from loved ones in the spirit realms. These messages provide evidence of survival after the physical death.

Currently unavailable.

A private reading is a personal reading with a qualified Spiritual Medium in a closed room. This reading gives evidence of survival after physical death from loved ones  who wish to connect with their relatives and friends.

This reading does not give future predictions or guidance in respect of relationships, and lasts for 30 minutes.

Available online or by telephone at £30 for 30 minutes or £50 for an hour.