Lovely To Be Back

It’s been a busy year for the church, but we were delighted to be back out there in the real world, holding an event at Middle Park Community Centre In Eltham on 24/11/2023. People look so different in the flesh, rather than on a Zoom screen.

Lovely To Catch Up With So Many Old Friends
It was wonderful to see so many old friends, and a we made a couple of dozen new ones. Talking to the audience, many had never seen Mediums work live before. Although there were a few healthy sceptics, after the event finished, there were lots of questions from them.


Left to right, Pauline Woodhatch, Sharon Forde, Maggie Hyde
The Energy In The Room Was Strong
Our medley of Mediums were just fabulous, giving message after message to the audience, resulting in big smiles, laughter and a few tears.
Our final Medium, Pauline Woodhatch even managed to make our microphone system burst into life, despite the fact it was turned off at the time.
Our Next Live Event