Join Our Divine Service Every Sunday

Zooming Around The World

Every Sunday at 6.30pm (GMT) we open the doors to our virtual church and hold a Divine Service.

Zoom is a fantastic platform, that connects us to friends and worshippers around Britain, and in some case around the world. It’s a simple platform to use, don’t let that put you off, and only requires a very basic mastery of the camera and mute button on the platform. It works well on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Here’s a beginners guide.

What Happens During The Service

The service is hosted by one of the church team, and we play a variety of  spiritual music (not hymns), with a reading given by one of the congregation (usually a poem or something uplifting), followed by an address and a demonstration of Mediumship from our guest Medium. 

It’s not at all stuffy or particularly religious, but there are a few short prayers. Spiritualism is a religion in it’s own right, but we respect whatever system of belief you follow. If you don’t wish to pray, please just close your eyes, and use the time for a moment of quiet reflection.

We do ask that your camera is on at all times, to help our Medium connect to you. This connection happens throughout the service, right from the very start. If you are off screen, you are unlikely to get a message from the Spirit Realm.

Please could we ask that you respect our service, and not eat onscreen or fiddle with your phone.

Will I Get A Message ?

The truth is that the Medium has no control over which spirit connects to them, but may get a strong indication who the message is for. If our Medium come to you directly, you will be invited to “unmute” and work with the Medium.

Don’t be nervous, nothing sensitive or highly personal will be shared with everyone. Just help the Medium, by answering yes or no to any questions they may ask you. You may be asked “can you take that”, meaning does that make any sense to you ?

Some Mediums work by offering information that spirit has provided. If you recognise a person being described, or a place or an event, please just raise an electronic hand (in the reactions section along the Zoom panel). Often more than one hand is raised, please just be patient and help the Medium work out who the message is for.

We do a service every Sunday, you’d be very welcome to join us.