Online Divine Service 20/11/22

Lewisham Spiritualist Church are delighted to announce that our next online Divine Service will be on 20/11/22.

A Wonderful Night Of Mediumship.

We hope you all enjoyed our last meeting on 06/11/22, it was lovely to see so many new faces. Since we are not holding a service on Remembrance Sunday, we included a minutes silence to remember the fallen, a moving poem written and read by Maria Rose, followed by the last post.

Our Medium for the evening Miranda Wright, then delivered a very personal and uplifting address, before going to to give a superb demonstration of evidential mediumship. We hope that the messages that the spirits delivered, brought comfort and peace to the recipients.

Our Next Service Is On 20//11/22

We look forward to welcoming you all to our next service starting at 1830hrs (GMT), our Medium will be Garry Titheridge:

Garry Titheridge (LSC)

It all started when a very good medium called Ron Heron, gave me a reading at Lewisham Spiritualist Church over      25 years ago, saying that I would be working for Spirit, as a Medium,

I can remember thinking to myself no not me, but how wrong I was. It was shortly afterwards I joined a circle and trained at Lewisham.

I’ve enjoyed visiting many spiritualist churches and delivering readings.

I still love the feeling and nervousness you get before a service, but take comfort in the knowledge that using spirit communication,  I am here to help.

To Join The Service

The link remains the same:

Meeting ID: 546 440 1693
Passcode: lewisham1

Please note that for security purposes, your camera will need to be on (join with video or start video).

If our medium comes to you, please be prepared to “unmute”.

We reserve the right to refuse admission.