Online Divine Service 06/11/22

Lewisham Spiritualist Church are delighted to announce that our next online Divine service will be on 06/11/22 at 6.30pm.

A Fanstastic Display Of Mediumship.

A huge thank you to everyone that attended our Online Divine Service on 23/10/22. Our thanks to Diana Reid (from LSC), who delivered a thoughtful address, followed by a fantastic demonstration of mediumship. We hope her messages brought comfort and peace to the recipients.

Thank you to everyone that made a freewill donation towards the running costs of the service.

Next Service

Our next online service will be on 06/11/22 at 6.30pm, our Medium will be:

Miranda Wright (LSC)

First attended LSC in 2007.

Trained as a medium, spiritual healer and teacher.

Interests include trance circle, philosophy, aura reading, and connecting with nature spirits.

To Join The Service

The link remains the same:

Meeting ID: 546 440 1693
Passcode: lewisham1

Please note that for security purposes, your camera will need to be on (join with video or start video).

If our medium comes to you, please be prepared to “unmute”.

We reserve the right to refuse admission.