Online Divine Service 23/10/22

We are delighted to announce that our next online Divine Service will be 23/10/22
A Night Of Positive Energy And Love

A huge thank you to everyone that attended our Online Divine Service on 09/10/22. Our thanks to Sharon Forde (from LSC), who delivered a wonderful address, followed by a  fantastic demonstration of mediumship. We hope her messages brought comfort and peace to the recipients.

Thank you to everyone that made a freewill donation towards the running costs of the service.

Next Service

Our next online service will be on 23/10/22 at 6.30pm, our Medium will be Diana Reid


Diana Reid (LSC)

I’m a Certified Spiritual Medium and Healer trained by Lewisham Spiritual Church with over 19 years experience.

I have a strong angelic, shamanic and ancestral spiritual influence embedded within my own spirit. This has given me a greater understanding and a stronger link with my guides and spiritual team.


As a child I was fully aware of spirit, and  could always see and pick up on other energies.  All the women in my family passed and present have the gift, but I am the first to open up and speak freely without being ridiculed.

As a Medium I love linking in with your loved ones in the spirit realms, by using all my senses to connect, so that they can draw closer to me with ease.

It excites me to know that my Mediumship brings a sense of joy, that your loved one’s do really exist on the other side, and that they still continue to support you by bringing you words of love, upliftment, healing and in some cases closure and peace of mind!

In the everlasting words of past Mediums, you will hear me say from time to time:

Is there anyone there ?

To Join The Service

The link remains the same:

Meeting ID: 546 440 1693
Passcode: lewisham1

Please note that for security purposes, your camera will need to be on (join with video or start video). If our medium comes to you, please be prepared to “unmute”.

We reserve the right to refuse admission.

If you are able to, please consider making a freewill donation, to help cover the costs of our online services.