Support Your Local Spiritualist Church

While a lot of Spiritualism now takes place online, it’s more important than ever to support and promote your local Spiritualist church. The sense of community and companionship, can’t be replicated online, and staring at a screen full of strangers, isn’t the same as being a part of a local congregation. 


The Cost Of Living Crisis

Something that has impacted everyone’s lives. After the horrendous Covid pandemic, many Spiritualist churches are struggling. Some are in danger of closing.


The days of wealthy philanthropists offering financial support are long gone, and most churches are self funded, bearing the brunt of spiralling energy prices and sky high maintenance and repair costs.

And Who Trains The Mediums You Enjoy Online ?

You guessed it, your local Spiritualist churches. Although there are hundreds of development courses being offered online, what can be taught is limited by the physical constraints of the online platform, 

In-person training is far better in terms of  the proper assessment that  learning has taken place and that specific learning objectives have been achieved.


Need Healing ? Go To A Spiritualist Church

Like Mediumship, spiritual healing isn’t the same online. While not all Healers are “hands on”, even the positioning of the Healers hands close to the client allows the Healing energy to be directed to where it’s needed most, and you can’t do that online.

And who trained that Healer, (all together now), your local Spiritualist Church!

How You Can Help ?

First and foremost, attend services and demonstrations at your local church, most offer low cost services, to help encourage people to attend. And small amounts make a difference. An extra 10 people at a weekly demonstration at £3 each = £1590 per annum. Don’t be lazy and find a free demonstration online.


When the collection box is passed to you, put something in ! Even 50p from 10 people every week = £260 per annum. The church doesn’t heat itself, or provide light using some kind of Spiritual energy. And the tea and biscuits you drink afterwards, are paid for by the church.


Why not volunteer at your local church, or join as a member ? Help decorate, or if you have a trade, offer that. Promote the church to your relatives, better still, bring a friend along.


With our local Spiritualist churches slowly disappearing , our religion will be forced to exist online, and many of the wonderful benefits that it offers will be lost forever.