Starting Your Spiritualist Journey

The two most common questions that Mediums are asked are; how did you recognise that you were a Medium, and how did you develop your abilities ?

In his book “Coming Down To Earth” David Hale from Lewisham Spiritualist Church gives a witty and honest account of his journey from novice to trained Medium and Healer.


“Coming Down To Earth” is available as a paperback or eBook on Amazon.

Sharing My Experiences

“For whatever reason I was drawn to write this book in order to share my experiences with not only new Mediums who are on their own journey and who are developing their ability, but also for potential Mediums who are afraid of taking that first step into the Spiritual world and not being sure of where to start.

So I will share my advice as well as talking about my own experiences so far within the first years of my development so you can read about what I went through, what I did to develop, and how I dealt with it because it wasn’t all rosy let me tell you. 

Not to exclude anyone else who is not a Medium; this book will hopefully also appeal to those of you who are simply Spiritually inclined and live your life in a Spiritual way.

The book may also appeal to anyone who has an interest in Spirituality or Mediumship in general because it is an intriguing subject matter and many people have many questions about this way of life and genuinely want to try and understand it and how it all works.

People want to know how Mediums can talk to ‘dead’ people and can Mediums really help people reconnect to their loved ones in spirit. Well I hope this book can answer some of those questions for you or at least give you something more to think about and expand your mind even more to the thought that there really is more to life than just our physical existence.  

To make it clear, this book isn’t written to convince or convert anyone, and I am certainly not preaching to anyone either. It is simply an account of the beginning of my Spiritual life. What I write in the book is based on my personal experience and based on my opinions and views. You may have different opinions based on what you’ve heard from others, which is completely fine, but this is my truth and I am speaking on it”.

Discovering Your Powers

“People have asked, “When did you discover your powers?” I have no special powers and I am no more special than anyone else. I say that because as a kid, I watched Mediums on TV and thought that they were just born special and that’s why they can do what they do. I never thought I was special and therefore, it never entered my mind that I could also do the same thing as those mediums. But being a Medium doesn’t make you special. It’s being able to help people, heal people and about making people feel better that makes you special, no matter what profession it is, whether that’s a Doctor, a carer, a counsellor and so on.  

When it comes to Mediumship, we are all Spirit beings but in a material vehicle – the body. If we are all Spirit, why shouldn’t we all have the ability to contact other Spirits, whether in a physical body or not? This is what we are taught at the church and it does make sense. As you’ll hear most Mediums say, we are a Spiritual being having a physical experience, not a physical being having a Spiritual experience.   

You don’t have to be a Medium to receive signs from Spirit. There are many signs which Spirit will show you to tell you that they are around and some of which I have already mentioned, in this book. It’s also very individual, so you will all experience different signs.

Some of the most common are: seeing butterflies or robins randomly, finding white feathers in bizarre places, smelling things like perfume or smoke which shouldn’t be there, the feeling of being touched by an unseen hand, and the list goes on.  

I have received many of the above signs but with the sceptical part of my mind I don’t put everything down to Spirit. For example, if someone said to me that they were walking through the park and saw a big patch of white feathers on the grass, and then asked me if that is a sign from Spirit my response would be a firm no. It’s more likely that there’s just a bald pigeon walking around somewhere.  

For those of you that are looking into starting your journey into Mediumship or Spirituality in general, you may have heard the term development circle which you will find in Spiritualist churches and centres – this is how I pretty much started the development of my Mediumistic ability!.


The Lightbulb Moment

“On Sunday 24 September I had one of those lightbulb moments where something was telling me that I needed to go to the church; for whatever reason I just instinctively knew I had to start going to their open circle, which I will talk more about in depth about later in the chapter. 

As soon as I walked into the church I immediately felt this sense of peace, a sense of belonging and any hesitation I had just melted away instantly; it’s like I’d found where I was supposed to be and I’ve been there ever since.

As our circle leaders say to us, there is a reason why we are all here and a reason why it is now. At the risk of repeating myself sounding like a parrot, everything has it’s time and happens when it’s supposed to. In this situation I know it was my Spirit guides who lead me to the church, and I have never looked back”

Developing Your Skills

“One final note; if you are someone on your own Spiritual development, you have to do what’s right for you. Some people are really studious and will study and study. Some will be more hands on and will like the practice, which is really important because it’s like a muscle; if you don’t work it, it won’t get any stronger.  

My advice is to do a mix of both study and practice, but whatever it is you do, remember that mediumship development is a process. Yes, different people will learn quicker than others but don’t compare yourself to others. Never mind what they’re doing, just make sure you have knowledge of the basic foundations and philosophy of Spiritualism because you will be far better off.  

During my own development I learnt that being dedicated to mediumship is such a must if you want to succeed and be the best that you can be. It’s through this dedication that you will learn the most and will make the most out of your mediumship. I can then also use this to educate others and teach people further on down the line in my journey, as for me, this is not just about reading people.  

Throughout my development I have read, studied, trained, done courses outside of the church, and practiced what I have learnt. Part of my learning is understanding the philosophy of Spirit and maybe even more importantly, the importance of ethics whilst working in this field and when reading for people”,


David is available for private video or telephone readings, which you can book via his website.