Spirit Guides

If you are new to Spiritualism, and have read a few articles about Mediumship, you would’ve seen mentions of Spirit Guides. This is an entry level piece, it’s a huge subject and people write entire books on the subject. 

Learn the terms, and use it as a jumping off point for your research and spiritual development.


Who Are Spirit Guides ?

Spirit Guides are helpers, friends, and mentors that accompany us on our earth journey, but are not necessarily the spirit’s of loved ones who draw near during a reading by a Medium. We’ll refer to those spirits as your spirit family, and while they watch over you, they won’t assist you like a Spirit Guide can.

Experienced Mediums work in close partnership with their Spirit Guides who take an active role in message work, healing, inspirational speaking or writing, music, art, teaching or trance. And you may develop  a team of Spirit Guides, who help you with different functions.

It does take many years to establish a close relationship with your Spirit Guides, and those aspiring to develop their Mediumship will require much patience and dedication to stay the course. Don’t be in a rush.

Most guides were once human, i.e. they once occupied this earth at some point in history, but are now deceased and live in the Spirit Realm. These spirits have agreed to work with you, and you alone, to help you on your spiritual journey

Some Spirit Guides will only appear during particular situations, to help you heal or to help you understand a particular problem. They then step back, when they are no longer needed. Refer to those as Working Guides.

The Hierarchy Of Spirit Guides

Everyone has a number of guides, some will be personal guides, and work with you alone, and some are working guides, who will help you at different times in your spiritual development. The main three are:

  • Guardian Angels
  • The Gatekeeper
  • Main Guide
Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are a higher form of spirit guide, and are made of energy and pure light that has never been in human form. Your Guardian Angel wraps their protective energy and love around you. 


The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper or Doorkeeper is your protector, and  is much like your very own nightclub bouncer. 


Mediums are able to ask the Gatekeeper to help push away any spirit or energy that they are uncomfortable with. He or she will make sure that only energy and spirits that are beneficial for you to communicate with, come near. 


Your Gatekeeper is not there to offer advice or guidance; that’s the job of your Main Guide and Guardian Angel.


Main Guides

Your Main Guide is there to assist and guide your spiritual development, and may have been a master of their chosen spiritual path on Earth, before they passed to the Spirit Realm, but they could just as likely have been an ordinary person.


They may have lived a number of different lives, before being reborn, and as they help you develop spiritually, so will they. It’s not uncommon for your Spirit Guides to change as you progress on your personal spiritual journey.

Silver Birch, the Spirit Guide of Maurice Barbanell

Who Are My Spirit Guides ?

It’s such a common question from people on their spiritual journey. The truth is, you may never know. They don’t always reveal their true form to you, and may use an alias or name that you alone call them by. 

But you can focus during your meditation, and ask them to step forward, you should sense their presence or energy, even if you can’t see them. Be patient.

Sadly not everyone has a Native American guide, or a monk or nun, but that doesn’t mean that your Spirit Guide should be less valued by you.

While alive they could’ve been an ordinary person, and this is much more common.

“Once you have established contact with those of true higher energies, such as Spirit Guides, it is a great blessing that you will feel. 

Just like developing any relationship for the first time, working with Spirit Guides takes time, dedication, and effort. Working with spirit guides will strengthen your willpower, lighten your mind and mood, assist you with self-healing work, and help you become more compassionate with those around you.”

Amanda Meder