Online Divine Services Start on 25/09/22

We are delighted to announce that LSC will be hosting an online Divine Service on 25/09/22, from 6.30-8pm The service will be held on the Zoom platform, which you can download if you wish, when you click the meeting link.

You can join the meeting without downloading Zoom, but there’s a few extra steps involved. If you’ve not used Zoom before, it’s quite simple, but we recommend watching this short guide. Don’t be put off by the jargon.

The service will feature:

An opening address and welcome by the host 
Healing prayers and a meditation 
An address by our medium 
A short musical interlude 
A demonstration of mediumship 
A second short musical interlude 
Closing prayers and thanks

Our medium for our first online service will be Margaret Hyde.

The link to join the service is: 

If you are able, please make a small freewill donation towards the costs for our online services, click the collection plate button at the foot of the page.



Please note that we may record the service, which will not be shared to any third parties, or used for any other purpose. Recordings are normally deleted the same day, and not stored. Please note that LSC does not consent to any third party recordings or use of our service, which is our intellectual property.