More Than Just A Church

What a year it’s been for our church ! I am full of admiration for our Trustees, Committee and members for the determination and perseverance they have shown, to get us to our current position.

As Church President, I have been blessed to have such a fantastic team of dedicated volunteers. committee members and our wonderful Mediums and Healers.

At Lewisham Spiritualist Church not only do we strive to work with the local community, but we are proud that we are offered the opportunity to come and experience Spiritualism, and to have a chat and a cuppa.

After the terrible pandemic and now the cost of living crisis, a lot of people need a place to come and talk, and be listened to without judgement.

Over the years we have dealt with everything, from depression to ‘spiritual problems’. We are sometimes a last resort for people who have had mental illness, or are experiencing end of life diagnoses, Grief is also so difficult to deal with, we would always offer healing, a listening ear and a cup of tea. Our aim is to help our people to feel better when they leave.

On a personal level, as someone who has battled depression and addiction, my life has been so enriched by Spirit and Boone St.


The Duchess of Boone St

It’s been really sad to be unable to use our old building for pretty much the whole of 2022, we’ve missed holding our circles and Sunday services there, and most of all the contact with our friends and supporters.

But without heating, and with a number of serious leaks in the roof, the church is cold, damp and unsafe for members of the public to enter.

The church building has served the spiritualist community faithfully, but has sadly reached the end of her journey. We must look to the future, and we are incredibly excited that the construction of our new custom designed church and community centre will begin in 2023. It’s the circle of life.


Nothing Can Stop What’s Meant To Be

So we started the year in the final stages of obtaining planning permission for the new church, community centre and residential accommodation. 

The third version of the plans was passed by Lewisham Council on 24/02/22, at a  public planning hearing. The next hurdle was obtaining formal permission to dispose of church assets, which would be granted by the Charity Commission.

Everything In Divine Timing

The final piece of the jigsaw took nearly 5 months to obtain. We were constantly asked by the Charity Commission for documents that we had submitted two or three times previously, and also asked to submit responses to some pretty obvious questions. 

But permission to dispose was finally granted in December 2022, meaning that construction of our new Spiritualist Church and community centre will start in 2023.

We are so excited at the prospect of a beautiful state of the art building, which will enable us and future generations of Spiritualists to carry on this work into the twenty first century, and beyond.


The Next Year

Even without a building, the church will be incredibly busy. Our AGM will be held in March 2023, and we hope to make changes to our governance structure, appointing three stand alone Trustees to be our lead for the construction project, plan the role  of the Community Centre and to submit a formal application to become a registered charity

Our new Committee (after the AGM) will also review all of our rules and policies for members, and plan our programmes to train our first batch of Mediums and Healers in our new building. We plan to hit the ground running.

Online Divine Services will continue, but we are also looking at a local venue to hold some “in person” services, which we will also stream live on the internet. We will continue to use our website and social media platforms to keep everyone up to date of our progress, and also to promote the religion of Spiritualism. 

As we rise from the rubble of the old building, a beautiful Phoenix will take flight and lead us to a newer, brighter future.

Love and Light


President LSC