Is The Spirit Realm Talking To Me ?

Am I Seeing Signs ?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, am I seeing signs from the Spirit Realm ? 

As Spiritualists we believe in the ability of every human soul being open to eternal progress, and the capability of achieving spiritual and mental understanding. 

So yes, you could be seeing signs.

Now the signs could be very subtle, and fleeting, and mixed up with the chatter of everyday life, so it’s easy to miss or dismiss them.

But if you do see signs, don’t be alarmed, and talk to a Medium or visit a Spiritualist Church.

Here’s a list of the most common:

Light Bulbs Flickering Or Blowing.

Spiritualists believe that spirits have the ability to manipulate electricity, suggesting that flickering light-bulbs can be a sign indicating that spirits are present in your room. 

After all electricity is just a man-made version of nature’s own electricity, lightning.

White Feathers

Finding white feathers in strange places ? If you’ve found a white feather then someone in Spirit is thinking about you and they’re trying to get your attention.

White feathers can also indicate protection, and that the Spirit is near to you.

Changes In Room Temperature

Sudden draft or chill in the room ? It may be experienced by everyone in the room, or just the person receiving the contact.

Someone walking over your grave ?

No, but it may be the Spirit Realm

Voices, Sounds and Music

Ever thought of a loved ones favourite song, and then heard it  play for real on T.V or the radio.

Co-incidence or the Spirit Realm saying hello ?

Hearing your name being called out in your head or simply hearing noises that are inaudible to everyone else, can also be a sign that loved ones from the afterlife are trying to make contact.

Now this can be quite alarming, as many people would think they are becoming mentally ill.

And again, we recommend you speak to a Medium or visit a Spiritualist church for advice.


Clocks Stopping

At a regular or significant time every day, possibly linked to someone passed into Spirit ?

Not always obvious at the time, but make a note of it, and have a think.

If it still doesn’t make sense, ask a relative.


Symbolic of people who had left the realm of the living. 

Do butterflies appear near you, when you are in the garden or outdoors ?  

The sight of butterflies or related motifs after the death of a person is a sign that the person has moved into the spirit world.


Seeing The Faces Of People Who’ve Passed

Ever sat on a bus, and seen a deceased relative sitting in front of you.

A second glance a few moments later, usually changes your mind.

But why did you see that face, that clearly, even for a few seconds ?

Seeing Shadows In Your Peripheral Vision

Something probably everyone has experienced,

But do your shadows have form ?

Spirit’s often use shadows to communicate as they are natural, and non-confrontational.

The critical thing to remember is shadows usually have no intention of scaring you, especially when appearing in your peripheral vision.


Have you felt a tickly sensation or pressure on your face or body?

Or it could be stroking of hair, or a sensation of tightness or an unexplained pain.

It’s one of the most common ways of Spirit communication (Clairsentience), and if you’ve ever seen a Medium work, it’s how a lot of information is presented to them by Spirit

Dreams And Visions

They might be vivid and comforting or they might be horrifying and disturbing.

Unless you keep a pad next to where you sleep, most people just forget about them and move on.

But could the Spirit Realm be sending you a message ? 

Visions are different from dreams as we may see them when we are not asleep.

They often stem from the deepest thoughts in our mind, and are usually dismissed as simple daydreams, but again, could it be a message from the Spirit Realm?


Ever experienced a waft of a particular perfume or aftershave. Or the smell of tobacco or a particular food.

How about the smell of a loved one’s favourite flower suddenly appearing ?

Is the Spirit of a loved one near ?


Photo frames suddenly falling down, becoming crooked or developing a certain form of mist or mould on the picture, could also signify a spiritual presence.

Has this happened to you, and you probably laughed and commented, but thought no more of it ?

Turning Off The Mind Chatter And Tuning In Your Senses  

Mind Chatter is the thoughts, anxiety and negative emotions produced by everyday life.

Mind racing, couldn’t sleep ? it’s all that mind chatter.

And it can block your Spiritual senses.

Just imagine you are watching TV, and then turn on the radio. You can hear both, but the loudest is the one you hear best.

If you turn off the TV (mind chatter), you can hear the radio (Spirit) better.  

And to turn off the mind chatter, and focus on opening your mind, you need to relax.

Push aside your anxieties, emotions and thoughts.

One of the best ways to do this is meditation, which is a core skill for Mediums (and it’s great for your health), and in its quietness you may find your Spiritual senses heighten.