Helping Mary

The Biggest Sceptic

This has all come as a big of a surprise to me personally. I was never convinced that Spiritualism was real, and had a healthy degree of scepticism. After 30 years in an “evidence based” culture in the clinical side of the NHS, I’m used to looking at research and evidence and developing the way I worked from that. 

Proof of the survival of Spirit is also rightly called “evidence”, and for me it has to be detailed and convincing.


Seeing Colours

So this all started with the meditation sessions that our Church runs. I was there to do some of the technical bits on Zoom, and never really planned to take part properly. But I found that once the session started, I had very little to do, so I gave the meditation a try.

It took a few weeks, but I found that I could clear my mind, and see the Chakra colours, with the Crown Chakra being the brightest and strongest. Over the coming weeks I also managed to visualise and focus on the other Chakra colours, and can ascend through them in order now, when I meditate on my own, in my garden at home. 

The Hand And Then Faces

So during my next guided meditation online, I saw a hand reaching out to me. It’s a large male hand, and I felt it’s a family member, but the most startling thing was I then saw a face. It’s a female face, and I only ever see a portion of her face in profile, and she has tanned skin from living outside.

Over the following fortnight, and during the subsequent guided meditation, I saw a male face, with hair that looked like a judge’s wig, but it was his own hair. He smiled and seemed friendly, but then disappeared. Speaking to some of the tutors from the Church team, they believe that my Spirit guides and my Gatekeeper have been introducing themselves to me.


And Then I Saw Mary

So there I was sitting watching TV, when a detailed image just popped into my head, I saw a corridor with dark wood panelling, picture frames on the wall, and most startlingly a teenage girl, soaking wet, and wearing 1970’s clothes. I got a huge amount of information in a big whoosh of feelings, images and specific information, her name was Mary and she seemed sad.

I have to say I was a bit alarmed, and confused as to why I saw her, I have no logical explanation for this. But I did sense that she might need help, and next morning, I spoke to one of the Church team, asking what to do.

So the following morning during my meditation, I thought of her image, and mentally asked my Spirit family and guides to help her.

The Signs

Now I wasn’t expecting anything back from the Spirit Realm, but to my surprise the same day, while I was cutting back some plants in my garden, I looked up to see a white feather flutter down and land on my shoulder. The sceptic in me looked around, but I saw no birds in the sky, or anywhere in my garden. I have a 250 foot garden, what are the odds on that feather landing anywhere in the garden, apart from on my shoulder. It’s not something I can explain.

And now I’ve had a second sign, I keep hearing a particular song from the 1980’s, and it’s not played a lot on the radio, but I’ve heard it three times now in the last week. Here’s the final chorus.


So if I say, “Save me, save me”

Be the light in my eyes

And if I say ten Hail Mary’s

Leave a light on in Heaven for me

Save me, save me

Be the light in my eyes

What I wouldn’t give to be

When I was Mary’s prayer”

Mary’s Prayer by Danny Wilson


I hope Mary has found peace and her way to the Spirit Realm, maybe we’ll meet again.