Beyond The Veil 12/04/24

The Energy Was Strong In Eltham

We always enjoy getting back out in public, meeting up with old friends, and making a few new ones.

While our new church is being built, we’ve often used the Middle Park Community Centre In Eltham, for a range of events.

Nearly 40 guests attended last night’s event, and were treated to a fantastic display of Mediumship, with messages from three of London’s best Mediums.

There were a few tears, but mainly smiles and laughter from the audience, and the quality of the messages from spirit was evident.

If you’ve never seen a platform Medium working live, you really should join us for our next public event.

A huge thank you to the church committee for putting the event together, and for taking such good care of our guests.

Left to right, Sharon Forde, Pauline Woodhatch, Margaret Hyde

But most of all, thank you to our Mediums, who were just fantastic.

See you all again in a few months !