Mar 13

what is open circle?

This is a development circle primarily for beginners. It is a circle that anyone can join - the number of sitters will vary from week to week. This is an ideal circle to join to get an idea of how spirit works.

This takes place on a Monday evening from 7.15 pm and costs £6.00


What is a private reading?

This is where you will go in to a private  room with a medium they will communicate with spirit  and you will revive a message

the communication lasts for 30 minutes  and the cost is £18.00


what are group readings ?

This is along the same lines as private reading but you will be in a group of people ( around 8) and you will receive a shorter message

the message lasts for approx 10 minutes  the cost of this is £6.00  per person

What is Healing ?

Healing has been practised for millennia.put very simply , healing is the practice of changing one's physical,emotional .mental or spiritual state by altering the energy around them . Healing always creates some form of change ,so it works at some level.one can experience definite relief from their  symptoms or instead , others discover that other areas of there life start to improve or long standing problems are resolved . there are no guarantees as to how healing will affect a patient. just as there are no guarantees as to the response to conventinal medicine